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Cupcake War(rior)s

ninjago cupcakes Jerusalem

Are you wondering what exactly it is you’re looking at? Then you clearly don’t have a school-aged child at home. These are Ninjago cupcakes. You know Ninjago – it’s a clever amalgam of Lego and ninjas, two of childhood’s most popular and enduring obsessions.

You wouldn’t think a ninja warrior would be a natural choice for a Lego figure. Personally, when I think ninja, I think stealthy and lithe, flexible and willowy. Lego is kind of exactly the opposite of that, stiff and blocky. But leave it to Lego genius, Tommy Andreasen to create an entire new toy and TV series universe out of two completely disparate elements.

This is actually only my second foray into the Ninjago world. Last time, the ninja guy had to share space with Lego superstar Clutch Powers. This time it was all about the ninja. Did you ever wonder why ninjas always look so angry? Maybe it’s because their entire faces are covered, making it so difficult to breathe. Who in their right mind would like that?

I was actually looking forward to my next Lego cake because then I could use my new Lego blocks molds.

lego mold

Alas it wasn’t to be. I mean, I could have made little bricks for each cupcake but that didn’t seem very comfortable to eat. And while to be honest, practicality and ease of use are really way down on my list of design priorities, this seemed to cross a line.

So instead, I chopped little coloured discs of fondant for each one of my block cupcakes. It was not emotionally gratifying, the way making my own Lego really ought to be. I guess there’s nothing stopping me from creating my own candy set and just playing with them. Do you think they’ll click into each other with that satisfying snap? Don’t you want to order a Lego cake now just to find out?

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