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Which Cake Are You Quiz

Featuring Photos of Temptations Israel’s Finest Cakes


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Which Cake Are You?
You Are: A Violin Cake!

Congratulations! You are classy and musical. You, as opposed to cake, improve with age and are cherished by all who know you. You bring joy and song to the world.
You Are: Emoji Cake Pops!

You are an original. Nobody can pin you and your emotions down. Sometimes you’re the life of the party, other times you’d prefer to stay home with a glass of wine and a book. You’re down, you’re up, you wear sunglasses and stick your tongue out at the world. Who likes being predictable?
You Are: Asleep At Your Desk Cake!

Spending way too long at the office? You take your responsibilities very seriously and everyone admires your dedication and hard work. But isn’t it time for a vacation? And shouldn’t you be ordering a cake for your bon voyage party?
You Are: Defying Gravity Cake!

Who says you have to follow the rules? You are an individualist who charts your own way in the world. You scoff at the laws of gravity, eat all the candy you want, and aren’t scared to embark on new adventures.
You Are: Magician Cake!

You are unpredictable and mysterious. Just when people think they have you pegged, you go and pull a Kosher sugar rabbit out of a hat. There’s so much more to you than meets the eye.
You Are: Librarian Cake!

You are an intellectual. You don’t act like a know-it-all but all your friends know you’re the brainy one. Feeling hungry? Just lean over and take a nibble out of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (you didn’t really understand it anyway). Sit up straight, though. All that slouching is going to kill your back!
You Are: NYC Cake!

You are a true lover of theatre and the arts. No small-town living for you, you need to be near a cultural centre, the bright city lights and a traffic jam you can just munch your way through.
You Are: Travel Cake!

You have an adventurous spirit. Ready to pack your bags at a moment’s notice, you are fun and spontaneous. Other people may need to plan weeks in advance, but all you need is a valid passport, a delicious two-tiered set of luggage, and a dream.
You Are: Romantic Wedding Cake!

You are a true romantic. You have stars in your eyes, a song in your heart and an edible little wedding couple in the palm of your hand.

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Want to See More Cake Photos?

  All the cakes in the quiz and many more are available right here from the Temptations Israel website. Check out our cake gallery for ideas for your next party or event, and then drop us a line. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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