Exquisite & Irresistible Kosher Desserts

חגיגה לפה ולעיניים


Awesome cake Rachel, definitely one of your best. And it tasted amazing – so moist and delicious.

Everybody loved it. Thanks so much for putting so much effort and creativity in it.

Lots of appreciating.

- Rivka Hattin, Alon Shvut

This spectacular cake was an utterly amazing surprise! 

One of the most fantastic creations I have ever seen! It will be impossible to cut into that perfect cake but somehow, something tells me we will manage.

The kids are fascinated by it!

- Shari and David, Jerusalem
librarian sitting on book cake

A mere thank you seems to be very inadequate, but thank you, thank you, thank you. Pnina was beyond thrilled with her surprise birthday cake. She said it was so gorgeous that she was nervous to cut it. Not only was it beautiful on the outside but she said it’s the best cake she has ever eaten. All the girls were so impressed and said that it’s the nicest cake by far that any parent has ever sent. I can’t begin to tell you how many pictures were taken of that cake. It’s the talk of the school. I am so glad that I found out about you Rachel and look forward to recommending you highly to others. You have been an absolute doll to deal with.

- Gloria Cohen, Toronto
white chocolate drip cake Jerusalem

I just hung up from Miryam and she cannot stop talking about the cake. You delivered it at 10:15 and they ate it at 10:30!! No one could believe how gorgeous it was – they never saw anything like it. And then they tasted it and said “heaven!” I told Miryam I got a cake for her brother too and all her friends shouted, “save me a piece!” So kudos to you Rachel. You made me look real good.

- Sheryl Sandler, New York

Thank you so much! Jordan said that the cake is awesome! He said it is amazing to behold and that the taste is “amazing!” He is a very picky cake eater and for him to say it was “amazing,” – we know it had to be incredible.

Thank you for all of your hard work, and for delivering the cake to our son. Your wonderful creation has made the oceans that separate us seem so much smaller. Thank you for enabling us to celebrate with him in such a special way.

- Sanemeterio Family, New Jersey
sofa cake
man asleep at desk cake

Thank you so much for this unbelievable cake. You captured my husband perfectly. Every detail I mentioned about him you managed to include in the cake – the gemara, his love of pizza, the sneakers on the floor, Jack Daniels, his medal, even the can of pickles! We all stood around and stared at it, unable to cut it until someone finally worked up the nerve. And OMG it was absolutely delicious. I don’t know how you managed to make it both taste so fantastic and look so perfect. We are definitely recommending you to absolutely everyone we know!

- Steve and Leslie, Jerusalem
Bob the Builder cake Jerusalem

I just wanted to thank you again. Not only did the cake look amazing, but it also tasted fantastic. Sure I was expecting a professionally designed cake from you, and I was nonetheless blown away by your masterpiece. And the kids went absolutely crazy for it.

- Daniel and Emma Sass, Efrat
streamers cake

Thank you so much for making the birthday cake for my sister-in-law in Jerusalem. She was a bit blue about this birthday going into it, but all that disappeared when she saw your magnificent cake.

I know your schedule was tight when I placed the order so I appreciate your accommodating me. Again, todah rabah.

- Heather Shapero, Toronto
fancy embroidery cookies

These amazing cookies left me nearly speechless. When I asked for something special and unusual for our sheva brachot I never expected cookies of this calibre. Each one is unique and utterly spectacular! I can’t even imagine how long it took you to make them, and it was worth every penny we spent on them. They helped make the entire meal extraordinary. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Adina W., Beit Shemesh

What an exceptional cake! My son is studying in Jerusalem for the year and I wanted to do something special for his 19th birthday. You came highly recommended but I was still stunned and amazed by this cake. He said it tasted even better than it looks, that his friends were fighting over the last few delicious pieces. Thank you for helping us celebrate this birthday with our son, even though we’re so far away.

-Richard Cohen, Los Angeles
Globe cake

You made a little boy very happy last week.

The cake was awesome. Not a crumb was left over!

- Devorah Blachor, Jerusalem
construction cake
black pirate ship Cake

I want you to know that everyone went GAGA over the cake. People were walking around saying “Oh. My. God. This. Is. The. Best. Cake. Ever.”


- Sarah Bronson, Jerusalem

Thank you so much for everything! The beautiful cake was so wonderful and delicious and my grandmother was absolutely happy!

I really appreciate you making the cake even though I called so late. You are so accommodating and helpful. I will recommend you to everyone I know!

- Olga T., New Jersey
symmetry floral cake
Hogwarts cake Jerusalem

I just wanted to tell you once again how impressed I was with the fantastic cake you made for my great-nephew’s Bar Mitzvah. It’s one thing to see pictures of your cakes (they too are not to be believed!). It’s quite another to actually see one! And once they cut into it, the raves it received! Simply scrumptious, delicious, out of this world amazing.

You are incredibly talented.

- Debby Pearlberg, Southfield, Michigan

Reut went berserk when she saw the cake! She was literally screaming on the phone, she was so excited! She never could have imagined this, this is nothing like anything she’s ever seen. She was bowled over by the execution and the idea – and the bees! She couldn’t stop raving about it. So, thank you again. It was a tremendous success!

- Rebecca Ansel, Modiin
apple honey dish cake
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