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חגיגה לפה ולעיניים

The Rainy Season

sukkah cake

Wait. Haven’t you seen this cake before? Those dancing Hasidim look awfully familiar and there’s no mistaking that multi-toned schach and faux paper chain decoration.

sukkah cake Jerusalem

Clearly I can’t fool you. In fact, this cake was not made specifically for Sukkot this year. (Actually, I don’t think it was made for Sukkot of any year at all. Rather, it was in honour of a siyum of Masechet Sukkot that took place one arbitrary February several years ago.)

However, how could I justify posting anything but a sukkah cake on this most joyous of holidays? Now this is no ordinary joy. It’s divinely mandated joy. So if you haven’t been sufficiently jubilant until now, hopefully just looking at this cake will push you over the top. Of course, ordering one will send you into a fit of ecstasy. But careful, not everyone can handle these levels of rapture.

Now what’s so great about this particular cake is that it’s unlikely to blow away when a freak thunderstorm, complete with gale-force winds hits. Because how likely is it that you’re going to store your sukkah cake inside your actual sukkah? Yes, for those of you not currently in Israel, we’ve had some quite bizarre holiday weather. Footage of flying sukkot and furniture and decorations skittering down the road, have headlined the local news. What’s going on?

Well I personally can’t say, but it is quite entertaining to hear the pundits on secular Army Radio discussing how according to the Mishnah, rain on Sukkot is not actually a blessing, but an indication that God is displeased with us. The winter prayer for rain is only added into the service on the last day of Sukkot. Why pray for rain before we actually want it?

Happily for us all, it is always cake season.

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