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חגיגה לפה ולעיניים

The Flight Of The Bumblebee

Honeybee Rosh Hashanah Cookies Jerusalem

Just in case you still haven’t figured out which of our Rosh Hashanah cakes you’d like to order, we’ve decided to make things that much harder by adding one last option. Sometimes it’s difficult to commit to a big centrepiece cake. Maybe you’re having a small crowd, or perhaps you want to bring a less dramatic gift to your holiday hosts. Well people, we now have just the thing for you.

These charming honeybee cookies are perfect for any table, any Rosh Hashanah venue, any meal you may be attending. Who doesn’t love an adorable little bee to help ring in the new year? (Yet isn’t it ironic that a mere two weeks later, come Sukkot, they’re the bane of every sukkah? I mean, that is one mixed message we’re sending out there.)

These cookies are available in four flavours – gingerbread, chocolate, honey orange, and vanilla. Your friends and family will swoon over them. And I guarantee that knowing they’re waiting for you at home will make it easier to get through that long prayer service.

They’re available to order by the dozen. From experience I can tell you that it’s probably best to get more than you think you need, as they tend to disappear when you’re not looking.

Orders must be in by September 25 at the absolute latest. Wait any longer than that and this offer will have buzzed away.

And in case you’re still considering one of our holiday cakes, here they are again.

Rosh Hashanah cakes Jerusalem

Time’s slipping away though, and that deadline is fast approaching….

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