Classes at Temptations

Take a class at Temptations and discover that with just a few skills you can create the stunning cakes, cookies and cupcakes you’ve been dreaming of.

  • private tuition or a class for 2
  • classes conducted in English in an intimate setting
  • personalized attention

Course fees cover all materials and ingredients used in class, but not tools.

For more information about scheduling and fees, call Rachel Miskin at

(02) 563-9668 or e-mail:


In four 2-hour classes, you will learn:

 Course 1: The Fundamentals of Cake Decorating

  • writing on cake
  • familiarity with and use of basic tools
  • using decorating bags and couplers
  • fondant 101
  • covering a cake with fondant
  • use of royal icing
  • piping shells, stars, lines, dots
  • simple flowers: drop flowers, rolled roses, leaves, calla lilies, daisies


Course 2:  Intermediate Cake Decorating


  • rosebud and rose – fondant and buttercream
  • lilacs
  • simple and intricate bows
  • curlicues
  • basketweave
  • embossing/impression mats/crimping
  • the decorated cookie


Children’s Workshops


 Two-hour classes:

  • candle cupcakes
  • mask cookies
  • apple cookies

Three-hour classes:

  • baking and decorating 3-D cookies
  • creating a cupcake family tree
  • fondant animals – elephant, teddy bear, swan, ladybug, dog, mouse
  • making cream puffs

Appropriate for ages 8 and up. Also great as a parent and child activity.