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How Sweet It Is

sprinkles cake Jerusalem

I’ve always considered sprinkle decorations really the rock bottom of cake decorating. I hope I haven’t offended or alienated any of you, but let’s be honest. When it comes to candy, they don’t rank near the top. I understand why children love them, it’s a rainbow in your mouth! But would you ever choose them over a luscious chocolate truffle, or a peanut butter cup?

But sprinkle cakes are very popular right now and I get it. I do. They’re joyful, and bring a smile to your face. And they’re actually quite a lot of fun to make. My first instinct was to cover the cake in icing, toss sprinkles at it and hope they’d stick. Luckily, sanity prevailed and I discovered a much more efficient and effective method.

What, you think I’m going to reveal the secret? Well I wouldn’t but you could just as easily google it. The Internet: friend and foe. OK, this is what you do. Pour a generous amount of sprinkles onto a cookie tray with sides (so the sprinkles don’t scatter everywhere). Cut out two rounds of cardboard with the same circumference as the cake and place one on top and one on the bottom. Turn the cake sideways and carefully roll it through the sprinkles, making sure that the entire surface is covered. For the top of the cake, yeah, just toss sprinkles at it.

rainbow sprinkles cake jerusalem

Think you like sprinkles? Well you’re an amateur compared to Maryellis Bunn, sprinkle enthusiast, who opened a Museum of Ice Cream in New York City. Here you can swim in a three-foot deep pool filled with 11,000 pounds of plastic sprinkles! For her, a sprinkle pool was a childhood dream, a passion project, really. I say the world needs more visionaries just like her.

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