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The Kickoff

football Giants cake Jerusalem

I have no words. (But here are some anyway. Did you know that Google is less likely to recognize your website posts if they’re less than 300 words?)

It was a mere four weeks ago that I last railed against sports. Four measly weeks! Through some freakish coincidence, two mothers of yeshiva students studying here for the year ordered virtually the same cake as each other and as the one from a month ago. (Well, in one case it wasn’t exactly inexplicable since the recipient of the first cake (let’s call him Sruli) is the study partner of the second recipient (let’s call him Menashe). I’m not sure why Menashe would want a nearly identical cake to his friend, but then I’m fated not to understand so many things. Like what’s up with all the sports cakes?!?).

costa rica football cake Jerusalem

Is it even football season? One second while I check. OK yes, we’re actually smack dab in the middle of it. “The National Football League (NFL) regular season begins on the weekend following the first Monday of September (the weekend following the Labour Day holiday) and ends in December or early January. It consists of 256 games, where each team (32 total) plays 16 games during a 17-week period” (wikipedia).

All right, I’ve got nothing else to say. Are you counting? That’s actually 220 words and you know what, Google? They’re going to find me anyway. Football cakes are my destiny, and I’m going to be kicking and screaming the entire way.


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