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No Regrets

Rosh Hashanah cakes Jerusalem

Rosh Hashanah is creeping up on us again. It’s just a mere 17 days from now. That’s 408 hours. Or 24,510 minutes. Yikes!

Every year you know you can count on a new Rosh Hashanah cake from the design team here at Temptations. This year was going to be no different. We’d already plotted it out, done the research, sharpened the knives, dare I say even pre-heated the oven?

In the past we’ve covered all the usual appealing New Year’s themes – apples, pomegranates, honey, beehives. We’ve shied away from the more serious – and let’s face it more unattractive – images: scales, shofars, goats shoved off a mountaintop.

This time around we were going to revert to yet another variation on an old best-seller. But then cooler heads prevailed. How could we top these perennial fan favourites pictured above? And more importantly, why change what ain’t broke? Tradition, stability, familiarity. That’s what the holidays mean to people. That’s what they’re expecting when they sit down to their Rosh Hashanah evening meals. Right? Of course right.

But if for some bizarre reason none of these options appeal to you, here are a few more suggestions.

apple Rosh hashana Cake

apple cupcakes

The important thing is that you put in your order right now before we’re completely swamped. You know you don’t want to start your year off with regrets. And maybe, just maybe, next week we’ll feature another Rosh Hashanah treat.

And then you can add that on to the cake you’ve just ordered.

(9722) 563-9668

Not to stress you out, but since you started reading this post, another few minutes have ticked away. What are you waiting for!?


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