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Trick Or Treat

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No need to consult your calendars. I just double-checked it for you. Halloween is in fact next Thursday, October 31. But I guess if you’re observing Halloween in a country where virtually nobody else dresses up, has parties, or goes trick or treating, does it really matter which date you celebrate it?

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What do you do if you’re out of synch with the rest of society? You’re celebrating Halloween, Easter, Arbor Day. Everyone else is completely oblivious. Come to think of it, most of you who are reading this have had exactly the same experience in reverse. If you live or grew up outside of Israel, you know that everyday life goes on around you while you attend Rosh Hashanah services, stay up all night learning on Shavuot, and mourn on Tisha B’av.

Isn’t it refreshing when the tables are turned?

spiderweb pumpkin cupcakes Jerusalem

Students at the International School in Jerusalem will be enjoying these cupcakes tomorrow. I’m not sure why they’re celebrating a week early. Maybe it’s like Purim, where in the entire week leading up to the holiday, kids come to school dressed in costume.

Or maybe they caught wind of the movement in the United States to change the date of Halloween this year to October 26. Supporters believe that trick or treating on the weekend during daylight hours would be safer. More interestingly, according to The Independent, “51 per cent of millennials say Halloween is their favourite holiday. Why cram it into two rushed evening weekday hours when it deserves a full day!?” Fortunately, this important matter will be dealt with with the gravity it deserves. If 100,000 people sign a petition in favour of the date change, you will not be surprised to hear that the matter will be referred to the White House for consideration.

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